Our expert team of geologists is proficient in accumulating data from the field to interpret and translate this information into engineering data. This is to identify areas of significant physical constraints that will adversely affect the design, construction, and maintenance of any intended engineering projects. Engineering geology has its applications in Civil Engineering, Urban planning, and Environmental studies. It is used in designing solid waste management systems for special purpose mapping; such as for making reserve estimations. Engineering geologists’ work is essential in civil, mining, and petroleum projects.


Our range of Geological services – Engineering Geology

Our team of Geologists is skilled in field mapping no matter how difficult the terrain is. They find out the best way to cover and complete the task effectively, saving cost and time for our partners. Geological maps are used to investigate geologic hazards, mineral resources, groundwater aquifers, and just plain science.

Creating a 3D geological map from field and subsurface data is a typical task in Geological studies for the evaluation of mineral resources or geological hazards. We have expertise from working in the field to collect data and to interpreting, report, and designing to build full 3D Geological maps. So, engineering geology provides 3D modeling for the ease in work.

  • This is a technique which provides 2D images of the subsurface efficiently and effectively. As a result of the availability of automated data acquisition systems and efficient user friendly inversion software.

Our specialists have attention to detail and focus on interpreting satteile remote sensing imagery for large areas. Geospatial technology has taken precedence over conventional techniques in terms of accuracy and time management. GIS & RS technology has its application in mapping subtle indications of mineral alteration, geological structures, and identifying lithology. This leads to successfully evaluate large areas of interest for mineral potential, focus field evaluations, and ultimately a higher probability for exploration.

A successful mining project requires both technical expertise and experience. Through our team of specialists, we are able to provide mine design, beginning from field exploration, reservoir estimation, and mapping, giving our clients productive, cost-effective, and environmentally acceptable solutions. So, AKM Geo Tech offers mine engineering services.

Dealing with landslides and slope instability is of high importance in engineering, and it requires strong geological background and experience to come up with preventing and remediating solutions. Our team has a firm grasp on the analysis, design, and remediation of unstable slopes, landslides, and rockfalls. So, our engineering geology services help you in all the cases.

Our qualified team of hydrogeologists has experience and skill to provide an appropriate, practical, and cost-effective solution to all your issues. Groundwater studies have its practical application in many fields. From the design of water-wells, irrigation schemes, investigating the quality of water, designing dewatering schemes, and dealing with groundwater studies for mining and other purposes. Our team of qualified engineers is there to help you and give you the best solution to your every problem.

Through our qualified engineers and equipment, we are able to deliver quality service in a timely manner, saving you both cost and time. We have a solution to all your problems regarding subsurface identification of quality and quantity of water and mineral resources. Our team is able to perform an accurate testing procedure in the field of interpreting field results and design reports.

Non-Destructive testing such as a seismic refraction survey (SRS) requires a great deal of expertise and skill. This is done to be able to collect data from the field, then interpreting and designing a final report. A seismic refraction survey gives a velocity model in which seismic energy is made to travel through rock or soil. This helps in the identification of lithology, degree of fracturing, water content, and weathering. This method has its application in Geological studies and Geotechnical Engineering.


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