We believe we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to bring value alongside innovation and research-based approach to our work. The environment in our office drives innovation and inspires the confidence to take on any challenge. Our team follows the highest level of work ethic and maintains international standards in all areas. We have a passion for earth sciences and research and therefore we have established AKM Geotechnical. AKMG thrives by finding meaningful opportunities to promote growth and prosperity for our clients, employees and communities. AKMG is a professional engineering firm located in Lahore and rendering Geotechnical and Geological services in the field of civil engineering projects for urban development, railways, transmission lines, hydropower and dams. We have worked in diverse environments. Our team of Engineers and Geologists are well experienced to perform quality work and through our state of the art machinery and laboratory equipment, we are able to give maximum value and cost-effective solutions to our clients. Our principal engineer has the right combination of education, experience and skills to perform geotechnical engineering and forensic evaluations of sinkholes and other earth movement problems. AKM Geotechnical tailors each investigation, analysis and design programs to suit the site conditions and needs of the project. We have had the opportunity to work with many different types of clients and our services benefit nearly every type of project, be it vertical or horizontal, our projects span many different industries.


Our goal is to develop the best solution tailor-made for the specific needs of each client taking into account local conditions and operational uniqueness. AKMG services are needed at various different stages of any on-going project. Instead of hiring different vendors our clients are at peace knowing that one firm can provide all Geo-related services which not only saves their time but also their money. Our team of engineers and construction service providers are extremely experienced and work actively and regularly with our construction materials, testing staff and have the practical construction-related experience to address a wide variety of geotechnical issues. During projects, an overwhelming amount of attention to detail is paid to everything in order to bring out the best
possible result.

In addition to typical project assignments, we can also serve in other capacities, depending on the client’s needs. In performing third-party reviews of forensic and engineering studies by others, we form our own conclusions and recommendations, based on the previous data and incorporating additional site explorations, where appropriate.

Our Core Values

We care about every client and take a unique individualized approach to every project, big or small. If you are in search of an out of the box and solution-oriented geotechnical firm, then your search has ended!